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what is TRUE STOREY? didn't u spell *story wrong?

what does "architectural and otherwise" mean?

so it's not just houses and buildings that you're doing but anything you want to design and build, wherever the creativity happens to be flowing?

more of an overarching studio brand rather than a service or product that does one thing

that's interesting, but wouldn't it just be easier to stick to one thing instead?

that's true

I mean, that's a true storey

storey is spelt that way to reference the storey of a building. TRUE STOREY is a design studio; architectural and otherwise

it means this isn't a traditional architectural design firm or design build company

although this studio has the credentials and capabilities for architectural work (B.Arch Sci.,

M. Arch., BCIN) that is not its only focus. with creative freedom as the core principle, authentic ideas with integrity can look like anything


that's right. a furniture product can be as expressive as a building sometimes. every project becomes a true storey*

easier, yes - but creativity doesn't work that way. in order to be authentic and encourage freedom to others, this company needs to operate organically


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